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Good-bye Old Friend

Mischievous puppy, Enthusiastic greeter, Sister to Molly, her treasured human (in Phoebe’s mind Molly fell beneath her in pecking order on the couch), Sister to Ethan (but he came first on the same couch), Watcher of all things, Magnificent chaser of squirrels, Protector and defender of the back fence, Lover of walks, long, short, and in-between, Floor and carpet sweeper, extraordinaire, Occasional coffee table thief, especially at cocktail time, Crotch poker. Always loved and remembered her people but not the ones who were not. Hater of other dogs, big and small; Good to Teddy and accepted Malayna, allowed Lucia and James their entrance into the family and accepted them as such, Slave to regular schedule with meals and walks on time. Full of love, Treasured personality and friend.

I will miss you everyday, May you run free with no more pain.

I love you!


Cody Mercer passed away peacefully at his home March 17, 2014 at the age of 15 surrounded by his Master and sisters.
Cody was preceded in death by his brother’s; Jefferey Leonard Mercer, Smokey Holt, and Toby Mercer (sex unknown).
Cody is survived by his sisters Jasmine Mercer, Miley Mercer, LuLu Sines, and brother Bandit . He is also survived by his many cousins; Skippy Johannes (San Jose); Oliver and Ben Mercer (Santa Cruz); Maggie Ronning and Tessa Bargetto (Santa Cruz); Cha Cha Curry, Jake Curry and Jackson Curry (San Diego); Jake Mercer, Pepper Mercer and Sweetie Pie Mercer (St. Louis).

Cody was an avid camper and enjoyed going to Big Sur State Park with his Master’s along with brother and sister, Jefferey Leonard Mercer and Jasmine Mercer. Cody loved his backyard and pool. Even though he never swam in the pool he drank from it since 2002. In his younger days Cody would play catch with empty 16 oz plastic water bottles. He liked the sound of cracking plastic. He enjoyed the many doggie Birthday parties that his Master gave at his place of work. Throughout the day and evenings Cody would peak through the doggie door from the garage into the family room to look for us and to show us he was there. Not to disappoint us, his last peak was last night.

Cody was a kind and compassionate dog and will be missed by his family and friends. Rest in Peace Cody for you are “Man’s best Friend”.  In lieu of flowers, the family request that donations be made to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

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